My designs mirror myself and how I have been shaped by the people I have met.

I am looking for an answer to what is a gentle and considerate relationship embodied by the world around us:
Could silence be heard, even without talking?
Could virtue be seen, even without showing?
Could people not hurt each other, even though we have defects?

Sometimes flowers and plants give me a part of reply, in the symbiotic relationships they have with other plants and organisms. Plants always have their individual characteristics but don’t interfere with each other. Maybe this is the reason why a lot of people are so familiar with them, and maybe it is the reason why I am fascinated by them.

I chose to use zips in my work to show the “connection” between people, events, things or places. People all want to connect and have graceful relationships like flowers in a garden, sometimes people seem want to say: could I join together with you? And we don’t know what answer we will hear.

So, zip me? Zip me not?